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40 - HAIKYUU!!

sorry not sorry for the bias

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These are so lovely omg. You did a great job!
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oh account....
rolling thunders into the abyss
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omg your username is A++ (there's a Tanaka running around with "bestsenpai" too and you're both perfect)

noya watch out there's a cli--
oh never mind I guess
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rip noya we knew him well
maybe he'll find that tanaka down tehre because god knows i have been searching for tanakas and they are NO WHERE
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oh my god it's you how did I not expect that considering you're where I found these icons anyway

hi again

anyway haikyuus in general are rare!! I wish there were more :( besides my friend you're the first Daichi I've ever seen.
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but yes hello

I FEEL LIKE I SEE A BUNCH OF HAIKYUUTIES BUT ALL AT ONCE IN RANDOM MEMES like guys be around more throw me a fucking bone?? i just want to punch people with idiot libero and nerd captain
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I know [community profile] mvps tried to revive and then fell over again I think. I bet if you posted at d_m or something somebody would appear for you to tag with? I barely play at bakerstreet myself anymore, I was just so excited to see a Daichi that you lured me out of hiding lol. My friend just told me there's another Tanaka at [personal profile] shirtlessin321?? Idk.

(We could continue our thread if you wanted at least?? I am super super duper slow at tagging (did you notice) and I didn't know if you would mind and felt bad about it so I stopped)

also god bless you for making a shirtless Suga icon. I didn't know I needed it until I saw it
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i didn't even know mvps existed... i started following [community profile] aubergines for some memes because i'm wayyyyyyyyyyy too lazy to apply to any real rpgames.

and yeah if you want to continue it GO FOR IT im really good at backtagging... or if you ever want to thread some other big gay daisuga im always game??

everyone needs shirtless suga?? anyone who says otherwise is lying
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thanks for the oikawa's icons!