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(62) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
(08) Tegen Toppa Gurren Laggan
(07) One Piece
(02) Journey
(02) Hajime no Ippo
(06) Plurk Icons (Fullmetal Alchemist & JJBA)
(07) JJBA 8track mixes

jojo's bizarre adventure

(giorno) (dio) (hierophant green) (lisa lisa 1 & 2) (joseph)

gurren lagann

one piece/journey/hajime no ippo



general information about them all is HERE.
Phantom Blood
Part 1 of JJBA - A mix for the story that started it all.
Battle Tendency
Part 2 of JJBA - Music to go with pillar men, magic martial arts, friendship, and all the wacky in betweens for this arc.
Stardust Crusaders
Part 3 of JJBA - To save the ones nearest and dearest to you and fight off the biggest evil the world has ever seen. Just your average summer I guess.
Diamond is Unbreakable
Part 4 of JJBA - What a beautiful Duwang.
Vento Aureo
Part 5 of JJBA - Even 15 year olds can make it to the top of the mob world. It helps when your dad was considered the most evil guy on earth though.
Stone Ocean
Part 6 of JJBA - There's no prison in the world that can keep this girl down.
Steel Ball Run
Part 7 of JJBA - It's time to reboot it all and go west - it's a race to the finish for the big money.

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